Kiln Stickers & Bunks

Kiln Stickers

Our quality kiln stickers won’t leave stains or shadows on your lumber. You can count on consistent sizes spaced between every level of wood to give better air flow in the kiln. If you need a special size, we’ll custom cut stickers to your specifications.

Sizes & Configurations:

  • ¾" x 1½" x 48"
  • ¾" x 1½" x 50"
  • ¾" x 1½" x 52"
  • ¾" x 1½" x 54"

Kiln Bunks

Our consistently sized kiln bunks help keep your stacks even and straight. We use quality, defect-free wood to produce our bunks, helping you achieve great results. If you need kiln supplies in a hurry, call us for quick deliveries.

Sizes & Configurations:

  • 3" x 4"
  • 4" x 4"
Flat Stake Bundle